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Personalities -- by Phil Cartwright

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January 2006
Bruce Lehtinen
Any Measure JB
Jelly Roll Morton

Jelly Roll Morton
September 2006
Jack Kuncl
March 2006
Al Couch
April 2006
Bill Fuller
November 2006
Norrie Cox, W. C. Handy
Red Nichols
May 2006
Don Bentley
January 2005
Steve Bauman
Wayne Vetter
June 2005
Jack Botten & Charlotte Reid
Regina and Bill Knapp
Mark Mossey
February 2005
Jan & Bill Irvin
Al Kinney
March 2005
Jim Emert
Bob Erdman
October 2005
Fritz Kuenzel   Tom Weil
April 2005
Ron Benach
November 2005
Ray Dodds
Mike Kovach
May 2005

Rich Fawcett
John Townsend
Earlville Association for Ragtime Lovers Yearning
for Jazz Advancement and Socialization
Barking Spider
October 2009
Bill Schurk
Bruce Misamore
Down by the Old Mill Stream
Glenn Crytzer
Swing is the Thing
January 2007
Bert Thompson
Hot Club de Lyon
February 2007
Sidney Bechet
March 2007
The Ragtime Women
April 2007
Norrie Cox
May 2007
Cell Block Seven
The Next Generation
Steve Ostrow
The Next Generation
The Berridge Boys
The Next Generation
Barry Zimmer