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Bert's Bits -- Bert Thompson
Bert Thompson is an old friend — we worked
together in bands in the San Francisco Bay area.      
Like several of the very top traditional jazz
musicians in the US, Bert is from the  UK, born in
Dundee, Scotland.  He came to the US and played
in the  101st Airborne Division band for two years.
He has degrees from San Francisco State and the
Ph. D. from the University of Oregon.  He retired
as an English professor a few years ago.  
Bert has played with many of the great bands in
the San Francisco area, including 10 years with
Professor Plum. For many years, he was the
drummer with Gremoli, a 6-piece New Orleans-
style band, and Ted Shafer's Jelly Roll Jazz Band,
an 8-piece Watters/Oliver-style band.
Bert has contributed many pieces for our Rag.  
Most are CD reviews of some of the very good
small bands from the USA and Europe.  Other
columns are a bit more controversial.  Stay tuned!!
Earlville Association for Ragtime Lovers Yearning
for Jazz Advancement and Socialization
On Reviewing CDs
Armstrong, Louis All Stars  URCD 277
Armstrong, Louis  Satchmo Autobiography, Parts 1  & 2 (Avid Jazz AMSC1082/3)
Armstrong, Louis   Various Groups   Upbeat URCD 256
Barber, Chris with Ottille Patterson  Back in Berlin 1960  Lake LACD 338
Barnard, Len JB & Gin Bottle 7  MMRC-32
Best of Dixieland - Various Bands (ALTO Take: 2 ALN 1947)
Bix Off the Record  Lake LACD 339
Beiderbecke, Bix Collection FACD 2038
Black Cat Jazz Band  BCAT1001
Black Diamond Jazz Band (Three Reviews)
Black Eagles BE(CD)2011  On the Road Volume 2
Black Eagles in New Orleans BE(LECD)4001
Black Eagles  In Concert  BE(LECD)4002
Black Eagles at Symphony Hall BE(LECD)4003
Black Eagles Midsummer Night's Dream  BE(LECD)4004
Black Eagles Tony's Mining Co. BE(LECD)4005
Black Eagles BE(LECD) 4006 Treebeck Concert
Black Eagles BE(LECD) 4007 Potomac River Jazz Club
Black Eagles BE(LECD) 4008 Mt. Gretna Concert
Black Eagles BE(LECD) 4009 At Het Congress, Breda, 1987
Black Eagles BE(LECD) 4010 Tommy Sanction Black Eagles Jazz Band 1971
Black Eagles BE(LECD) 4011  On the River
Black Eagles BE(LECD) 4012 Classic Jazz
Black Eagles BE(LECD) 4013 Fantasies
Black Eagles BE(CD) 4001-3 Celebrating the Big 40 1971-2011
Black Eagles CD 2013 Nothing But The Blues
Captain John Handy  Genius of Captain John Handy  Upbeat URCD 283
Carrick, Brian Algiers Stompers -- Spirituals (P.E.K. Sound PKCD-332)
Charters, Sam Washboard Band MMRC-CD33
Cole, Geoff & his Hot 5  Tribute to Fats Waller   Jazz Crusade JCCD 3047
Colyer, Ken  All Stars  Studio 51 Club Sessions  Upbeat URCD 217
Colyer, Ken   Jazzmen "Live" Rediscovered Treasures Upbeat URCD 257
Colyer, Ken   From the Archives   Upbeat URCD 265
Colyer, Ken   On Video  Upbeat  URDVD 267
Colyer, Ken  Crane River JB  Upbeat URCD 272
Colyer, Ken  Colyer at Wimbledon Upbeat URCD 275
Colyer, Ken  Crane River JB Cranes Fly Again  Upbeat URCD 281
Cox, Norrie   New Orleans Stompers
Crane River Jazz Band with Ken Colyer  URCD272
Crescent Bay JB   New Orleans Style w/Ray Ronnei     Merry Makers MRCD 51
Devlin, Patrick   New Orleans Rhythm Featuring Hannah Krapivinsky
Drop Me Off in Harlem -- Various Orchestras  Retrospective RTR  4247
Edinburgh Jazz 'n' Jive The Big 16  JNJ003
Fog City Stompers  Play Bing and Bix  MMRC CD 49
French Preservation Jazz Band
Gauthe, Jacques   In New Orleans  Jazz Crusade JCCD 3067
Goodman, Benny Complete AFRS Shows  DSOY 852
Great Pacific JB  Jazz of the Great Gatsby Era  MerryMakers MRCD 52&53
Gota River Jazzmen
Halcox, Pat    Remembering  Lake  LACD 338
Happy Pals New Orleans Party Orchestra
Happy Pals with Brian Carrick
Happy Pals with Dr. Michael White
Hawes, Pat  Live in London 2000  Jazz Crusade JCCD 3055
High Sierra Jazz Band  High Sierra Gold V. 23
Jelly Roll Jazz Band MMRC-CD-25, 26  San Francisco Jazz, Vols. 1 & 2
Jelly Roll Jazz Band MMRC-CD-13, 14  Toe-Tapping Dixieland Vols. 1 & 2
Jelly Roll Jazz Band MMRC-28 New Orleans Jazz Vol. 1
Jelly Roll Jazz Band MMRC-29 New Orleans Jazz Vol. 2
Jelly Roll Jazz Band MMRC-45 New Orleans Jazz Vol. 3
Lewis, George    At the Ohio Union (Upbeat URCD244D)
Littleton, Humphrey  Sir Humph's Delight  URCD 279
London Swing Orchestra   Roaring Twenties  Upbeat URCD249
Mission Gold Jazz Band "Smokin' Hot" MGJB CD007
Murphy, Turk  Inverness 1976  MMRC CD-54
Muphy, Turk Live at Earthquake McGoons, 1973, A Lost Jazz Treasure
Murphy, Turk  On Tour Germany 1973  MMRC CD-55
New City Jazzmen with Les Woods
New Orleans Delight Music Mecca CDs 5057-2 and 5057-2
New Orleans Delight Volume 2  NOD CD 901
New Orleans Delight Same Old Love NODCD 902
New Orleans Delight  NOD DVD 001-2009
New Orleans 1961: The Living Legends  Avid Jazz AMSC1046
New Orleans Rhythm with Brian Carrick
New Zenith Jazz Band
Ory, Kid   Kid from New Orleans  (Upbeat URCD236)
Ory, Kid   'Live' at the Hangover Club ADDCD3070
Ory, Kid    Song of the Wanderer URCD 241
Ory, Kid    Storville Nights URCD262D
Ory, Kid    The Original Jazz URCD259
Preservation Hall Jazz Band St. Peter's & 57th St. (Rounder)
Richards, Trevor    New Orleans Trio Eccentric NOJP-CD8
Ronnei, Ray   Salty Bubble  MMRC-CD-36
Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Plays Hot Jazz MMRC-CD-46
Rimington, Sammy Snapshot of his American Recordings  Upbeat URCD 274
Savannah Jazz Band  Sacred and Secular (P.E.K. SOUND PKCD-392
Smith, Bessie  The Bessie Smith Collection (Fabulous FADCD2040)
South Bay Stompers
Sunshine, Monty   Remembering  Lake LACD 344
Tevlin Swing When I Get Low  New Orleans North CD-014
Thatcher-Blount New Orleans Band - Memories of Bude
Thatcher, Norman   Wessex N. O. J. B. (P.E.K. Sound PKCD-370
Various New Orleans  URCD 276
Watters, Lu    Yerba Buena Jazz Band MMRC 30 and 31
Wilson, Teddy    Collection 1933-1941  Acrobat FABCD357
Zenith Jazz Band  Earl Scheelar  No Label  No Number