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Barking Spider
Earlville Association for Ragtime Lovers Yearning
for Jazz Advancement and Socialization
Barking Spider Tavern
Back in 1986, Martin Juredine and Bruce Madorsky (he started
the first Winking Lizard), came up with the idea for a small
venue for live music.   In September 1986, the Barking Spider
opened in an unassuming spot on Juniper street quite close to
the Art Museum and Case Western Reserve University.  
the proprietor, wanted a club that offered an intimate setting
for all kinds of music.  
Martin had a vision of small groups playing in someone’s living room or back porch. Not a lot of high powered
amps but essentially acoustic music. His dream came true and twenty two years later the music is still flowing
and growing.
The Spider is a neighborhood bar that thrives on showcasing many different kinds of musical talent.  Perhaps the
only kind of music you won’t hear are heavy metal, over amplified rock bands and traditional classical music.  
Otherwise, it’s all here to hear.  Check it out for yourself at http://www.barkingspidertavern.com/ but be
prepared to find an overwhelming array of talent and styles of music.
The Spider is open 200pm to 100am.
The Spider web site and printed info available at the Spider shows not only a wide variety of music styles but
also an amazing quantity of music available each month.  I looked at the schedule for the month of May and I
was astonished to find that in 31 days the Spider hosted 71 acts or performances!  Furthermore, these are about
60 different groups!  Needless to say, there is something here for everyone! Here are some of the styles:  
traditional jazz, bluegrass, gospel, rhythm and blues, mainstream jazz, light rock, Dixieland.  One of the
mainstays is
George Foley on piano.  He plays there once or twice a week and encourages sit-ins while he plays
some 1920’s through 1930’s material.  Not only is he a brilliant pianist, he also is a great vocalist and astute
Other local trad bands who play here on a regular basis are the
Night Owls, 2nd Sunday afternoons, and the
Hot Jazz Seven who play on the 3rd Sunday afternoons.
Martin says that the musicians are very honest and that none of his equipment disappears. There are more  There
are more microphones and things left behind by bands than leave with them.
Weekends are busy at the Spider. Sometimes there are as many as three different groups performing.  The Spider
is right next to
Hessler Street which has its annual fair in May.  The 1st Sunday in June is the JimFest in honor of
Jim Jacoby, with donations to Multiple Sclerosis. Check out the Spider on the 3rd Sunday in September for its
annual anniversary cookout and potluck celebration.
The most important thing for musicians is to be able to play in public.  Thanks to
Martin Juredine and the
Barking Spider musicians have a home in Cleveland.

Barking Spider Tavern.  11310 Juniper Street, Cleveland, OH 44106. (216) 421 2863      Located in the  University
Circle area near the Glidden House, next to the coffee house.