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Steve Ostrow
The Next Generation
Earlville Association for Ragtime Lovers Yearning
for Jazz Advancement and Socialization
          Steve Ostrow
and players.  Steve Ostrow has been playing with the Stow library group, EARLYJAS
sessions, Minstrels of Earlville, and George Foley to name a few.  He also plays gigs
with other local bands.
Steve plays all those instruments in the picture, many of which I can’t even name!  In
addition to the various instruments, Steve also excels in genres other than traditional
jazz.  He is a wonderful musician as well as a very nice guy!
Steve Ostrow earned his BM and the highest undergraduate honor of  Performer’s
Certificate on a full scholarship as a trombonist from the Eastman School of Music.  
Originally from San Diego, he has been a member of the violin section of the Akron
Symphony since 1989.  He has recorded with the Eastman Wind Ensemble, and was
accepted as principal trombone to the American Wind Symphony and the Colorado
Philharmonic. He has performed extensively with the touring shows of Ringling
Brothers, Ice Follies, Ice Capades, Lipizzaner Horse Show, and back-ups to the major
touring shows of the day.  Steve also performed jazz with the Gap Mangione band
(brother to Chuck Mangione).          
His music is unusually diversified on violin, trombone, trumpet and classical guitar.  
He has soloed with Cleveland Pops, Caracas Philharmonic, Maracaibo Symphonies,
and the Solistas de Venezuela.  He has held contracts or has played on stage in most
every musical venue, country club and stage in the Cleveland area and plays
nationally with the Yiddishe Cup Klezmer Band.  Equally at home with jazz or
klezmer, he has performed with the Carousel Dinner Theater, soloed on stage at
Playhouse Square and is a strolling violinist.  
During his seven year tenure in Venezuela, Steven studied the classical guitar,
performing and teaching guitar at the Humbolt German School in Caracas.  He would
later solo as a classical guitarist with the Akron Symphony Orchestra in 1999.
Steve’s unbridled exuberance for his entertainment led to a feature in an Emmy award
winning PBS TV 45/49 documentary “Shortcuts to Happiness” on the life of a
Check out this web site to get a feel for Steve’s talents: