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In Tune -- by Bill Fuller
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Every so often I accumulate information on tunes that ends up in a sort of
categories or themes I may choose with which to keep this column going.
They’re good tunes (most of them) with interesting information, but there’
s not enough of them by one composer to include in a column by that
composer; or I have already done a column on that composer, or they don’t
fit any one “umbrella” theme that, as yet, I have been able to concoct; or
they don’t all fall into a common time frame; or they’ve not been
performed by a particular artist, etc., etc. You get the idea! So, I call these
“leftovers;” and I guess warmed-over leftovers are better than nothing:

BUDDY’S HABITS – written in 1923, by Dave Nelson and Charlie Straight.
Trumpet player Nelson was Joe “King” Oliver’s nephew and he worked
with him toward the end of his uncle’s life. He was considered Oliver’s
protégé and played so much like him that on some recordings it was hard
to tell the difference.

BEI MIR BIST DU SCHOEN – written by Sammy Kahn and Saul Chapin in
1937, it was introduced in the Yiddish musical, “I Would if I Could.” It was
popularized by the Andrew Sisters and became the number one song on
the charts of that time. Later recordings were made by Guy Lombardo,
Benny Goodman, Russ Morgan, and Kate Smith. Some contemporary jazz
bands have altered the title to “The Bear Missed the Train.”

BIRTH OF THE BLUES – written in 1926, by Buddy DeSylva and Lew
Brown, it was introduced in the musical revue, “George White’s Scandals
of 1926,” by Harry Richman. It was popularized by the Paul Whiteman
Orchestra and became a number one hit on the record charts. It was
revived in 1952, by Frank Sinatra.

BLUE SKIES – written in 1927, by Irving Berlin and introduced by Belle
Baker in the Musical “Betsy,” even though it was not specifically written
for that show. It was recorded by the Ben Selvin Orchestra and it became
hit for them. It was later revived by the Benny Goodman Band in 1946.

CARELESS LOVE – (“Loveless Love”), (Kelly’s Love”) written in 1921, by
W.C.  Handy. “Loveless Love” was the copyrighted title given by Handy. It
was based on the folksong, “Careless Love.” In its many recordings over
the years its title has evolved back to “Careless Love.” It was first recorded
in 1921, by Noble Sissle under the name of Leonard Graham and His Jazz

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