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In Tune -- by Bill Fuller
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DESERT ISLE Recordings
Bill Fuller started this thread about what you might want to have with you were
you stranded on a desert island with no internet but perhaps electricity to power
your CD player.  Or perhaps just a windup Victoria to play your 78s.
Following are some responses Tom Weil, our EARLYJAS Treasurer and Festival

DESERT ISLAND LIST  1920s from Tom Weil

King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band    Mabel’s Dream  OK 8235  (1923)
Oliver, Armstrong, Dodds
Bix and Wolverines  Copenhagen   Gennett 5453  (1923)
Tia Juana  Gennett 5565  (1923)
New Orleans Rhythm Kings   Wolverine Blues  Gennett 5102  (1922)
Mares, Rappolo, Brunies
Clarence Williams Blues Five  Cakewalking Babies  OK 40321  (1925)
Armstrong, Bechet
Halfway House Orchestra  New Orleans Shuffle Columbia 541  (1925)
Albert Brunies, Whitmore
Louis Armstrong  My Heart  OK 8320  (1925)
Armstrong, J. Dodds, Ory, St. Cyr, B. Dodds
When You’re Smiling   OK 8729  (1929)
Jelly Roll Morton   Doctor Jazz   Victor 20415  (1927)\
Mitchell, Ory, Simeon, Morton
Frank Trumbauer    Singing the Blues   OK 40722  (1927)
Beiderbecke, J. Dorsey, Trumbauer, Lang
New Orleans Wanderers   Gatemouth  Columbia 608  (1927)
Mitchell, Dodds, Ory
McKenzie-Condon Chicagoans    Sugar  OK 41011  (1928)
McPartland, Teschmacher, Freeman, Sullivan, Condon, Krupa, Lannigan
Bessie Smith   Alexander’s Ragtime Band  Columbia 14219  (1927)
J. Smith, Green, Bailey, Henderson
for Jazz Advancement and Socialization