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 EARLYJAS Mini Jazz Festival!  2016
The Mini-Festival was held August 21, 2016, at the
Country Club of Hudson, 2155 Middleton Road,
Hudson OH 44236.

    The hours were from 1:00pm to 7:00 pm.  The
event was open to EARLYJAS members, Country
Club members, and the general public. Cost to all
was $20 per person.

There were 3 bands, each playing two sets over the
course of the afternoon.  All bands were traditional
Dixieland jazz bands.
                    The bands were:
Honey Creek Preservation Jazz Band

In the 1920’s there was a very popular band
called the Honey Creek Band, a 1920’s jazz
band that played regularly in opera houses in
NW Ohio.  Bill Genson was asked to revive
the style and has done so on many occasions.
The band plays lots of tunes from the 1920’s, many songs familiar with New Orleans jazz
as well as some ringers that defy description.
In the last few years the band has played at dozens of festivals, fairs, jazz clubs, funerals
in many areas in Ohio.  They are an entertaining band and use outstanding musicians from
NW Ohio, NE Ohio and Pennsylvania:
The musicians:  Bill Genson, cornet, vocals, smart remarks and titular head; Ted Witt,
clarinet; Mark Stewart, trombone; Kyle Snyder, tuba, vocals;Marc Kinney, drums; Bill,
Parthe, piano, even more smart remarks; Phil Cartwright, banjo, vocals.
Cincy River Rats, Cincinnati,OH

               Honey Creek Preservation JB, NE & NW Ohio

                       Up the Creek JB, Battle Creek, MI

Cincy River Rats

The Cincy River Rats are Cincinnati’s leading young early jazz ensemble.  Founded
in 2014, the River Rats are comprised of a collection of young professional jazz
musicians from greater Cincinnati combining traditional jazz elements with modern
second line atmosphere.
The River Rats have been working consistently at venues and events around Ohio,
Kentucky, and Indiana. Their engagements have included the 200th Anniversary of
Covington, KY Gala, Reds Opening Day Parade, MLB All-Star Gala, Belterra Park
Triple Crown Races, pre-concert entertainment for Trombone Shorty, as well as
many local engagements at local businesses, breweries, festivals, and private parties.
The River Rats have also performed the past two summers under the name "KI5" at
Kings Island, reviving the early jazz genre at the park.
  The River Rats will be giving their twist to standard tunes such as Bourbon St.
parade, Dinah, Blue Skies, All of Me, Ice Cream, and Tiger Rag, and many other
known and less well known songs.
     The band features Eric Lechliter-trumpet, Ben Waulkenhauer-clarinet, Tom
Buckley-drums, Andrew Baker-tuba/bandleader, Ben Herrick-trombone among
others.   Pics, video, and upcoming events are available on the Cincy River Rats
Facebook page and on their website at www.cincyriverrats.com.
Up the Creek Jazz Band
Up the Creek Jazz Band, Battle Creek, MI, is carrying on the
Dixieland tradition of The New Superior Jazz Band organized in the
early 1960's. They performed Dixieland and Traditional Jazz for about
50 years.  The band finally had to disband due to the age of its
members.  The present band members are from the Battle Creek area
thus the fitting name Up the Creek was chosen.
  The band has an eclectic tune list. They play popular Dixie Swing
like “Copenhagen”,  “Muskrat Ramble”, “Memories of You” and
“Rose Room”.  They also play interesting and less often played tunes
like “Blue Prelude”, “Wave”,  “But Beautiful” and “House of Blue
Band members include Eric Campbell, trumpet, Craig Diederich,
trombone, Stephen Williams, guitar and banjo, Bob Murray, bass,
David Hackett, drums, and George Pendill, clarinet and leader.  Our
motto is - -
 "We're Up the Creek, but We've Got a Paddle"